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We require a $500.00 deposit for you to be added to our waiting list. Puppies sold on a spay/neuter contract start at $2500.00 and up depending on pedigree and color. All of our sires are top quality as we only breed "high quality" Havanese. Once the puppies are born we start our selection process. The selection is in order of our deposits received with show/breeding depositer's being placed at thefront of the line. Once the litter arrives you will be emailed a "birth announcement" with photos. You can choose your puppy right away to be held for you. You will not be able to visit the puppies until after they have their 6 weeks shot. Before that time they are acceptable to any/all diseases. We would never knowingly put our puppies at risk. They are not allowed to be seen or go outside until after they receive their 6 weeks shots.

At six weeks you can visit the puppy that you chose. If you are not happy with this puppy you can select another puppy if one is available or you can get a full refund of your deposit or you can wait until our next litter. Once you select a puppy the deposit is non refundable. We accept a personal check for the deposit and the balance is due by check when the puppies are 6 weeks or you can pay in cash, venmo, certified bank check, zelle, google or apple pay, when the puppy goes home. (after their 9 weeks shop) We will keep your puppy for 3 days free. After that there is a $25 per day fee.

There is a $25.00 fee for any returned checks. If you choose to ask for a refund BEFORE the selection process you will forfeit 1/2 of your deposit for breach of agreement and my time and effort spent with you.

If you need your puppy flown to you we use a flight nanny. The price of shipping
is ranges from $550.00 to $700.00. The puppy is flown in the plane with the nanny and hand delivered to you!

We occasionaly sell puppies on full registration for breeding and showing. These puppies start at $4500.00.

We stay home with our Havanese and they are rarely if ever left alone. Havanese are companion dogs and suffer from separation anxiety disorder. They would not need to be left longer than 2 to 3 hours at a time. Having another animal in the home helps but they are still addicted to people. For this reason I do not place my puppies in homes where this is not possible.

There are huge differences in the Havanese breed. Click here for more information: Havinfo. My Havanese were imported from Europe and they are of the Russian and Costa Rican type. Which are much smaller with thicker coats compared to the United States type.

All of my Havanese puppies have wonderful champion pedigrees. I spent a lot of time hand picking show dogs/puppies to use as my foundation. As a consumer know what you are getting and why you are being charged a certain price. I have paid up to $6000.00 for my Havanese. Of course there are breeders buying pet quality puppies for $800.00 and selling their offspring for $1500.00. Just do your homework and ask the right questions.

Male Havanese make wonderful pets! They are just as loving (sometimes more) as the girls. Do not discount them because they are boys. :o) You would need to neuter them before 6 months though to prevent them from "marking their territory". If you neuter them in time they will squat like the girls.

Havanese adore children and can take a bit of rough play when they get older. They love to play around and retrieve toys etc. They are extremely intelligent and can be taught numerous tricks. They love to dance on their hind legs for you. They also have a broad vocabulary of words that they comprehend. So smart in fact that I have to spell some words to my husband. :o) (anything about going somewhere or taking a ride)

Havanese are not "yappy" dogs but alarm dogs. They will bark if they hear something amiss. Knock at the door, doorbell, car horn, bang on the windows etc. They will certainly let you now something is going on which I appreciate in this day and age. Once it stops or they figure it out the barking stops.

Havanese do require lots of grooming unless you choose to keep them in a puppy cut. They are non shedding, odorless and hypo allergenic. Their coat needs to be brushed at least every other day. If they are in a puppy cut they need to be brushed once a week and bathed every 2 weeks unless otherwise needed.

Our dogs all receive an extensive vet check on a regular basis. Eyes, ears, heart, lungs, patella's and hips are included. The puppies will come with an extensive vet check before leaving our home and up to date on all shots and wormings. They come with a two year health guarantee covering any congenitial issues. You would be reimbursed or receive another puppy or a full refund. (up to purchase price) You can be assured I stand behind my puppies 100%. We love to stay in contact with our babies as they were once part of our family! :o)

Show puppies are in no way guaranteed to win in the show ring, but they should with proper care on the part of the buyer exemplify the breed standard.

You will get a puppy pack with your puppy that includes: shot/worming records, vet certification, sample puppy food, harness, toy, chew bone,FAQ sheet on how to care for your new baby and your guarantee contract.

The real truth about Certifications:

Havanese are a very hardy breed and have few hereditary diseases. They have a life span of 14 to 16 years. However, as with all long living animals they can have health problems.

There are approximately 10 certifications that can be performed on dogs. All certifications are done by a specialist in that area. For instance CERF would be performed by an Optomologist. OFA Cardia takes a visit to a Cardiologist. BAER certifications are performed by a neurologist. Hips an Orthopedic specialist. The list goes on and on. I am not in the market to put other breeders down but I am amazed at the breeders that will pick one or two certifications and then use scare tatics on potential buyers. You will see such statements as: "DO NOT buy a puppy from any breeder that does NOT do BAER testing or OFA testing." I see this as a selling technique and my question would be why did they only choose those tests and not all ten? Are the eyes more important than the heart? Is loss of hearing more important than Patella issues? Then they go on to say the reason why their puppies are so expensive is because of these 2 or 3 certifications that they perform. Or that some expert suggested that these were the only tests needed.

Another point is most of these certifications have to be performed every 6 months to a year for them to be viable. Many breeders only do them one time in the canines' life. This makes the certifications useless. What about 2 years later and the dog develops one of these problems and is still being bred? The breeder would not have a clue. I pondered on this for a long time. I wanted to do what was best for my breeding program and at the same time keep my puppies affordable. After many discussions with my Vet we decided on annual check-ups. Many times when it is time to breed one of my girls I will take them in for a physical even if they just had one several months before. I want that added knowledge knowing they are still healthy. My vet is more than capable of making sure my Havanese do not have any problems. He checks their hearts, knees, elbows, hips, teeth, listens to their lungs and checks their ears, eyes and testicles (males). He also takes their temperature and weighs them. He feels for any tumors and checks them for worms/parasites. They are given an extensive physical. If a problem were to be found I would then take them to a specialist. So far my dogs have all checked out perfect as have my puppies! This is exactly what we do as humans. We go to our regular doctor first then if he finds a problem you are sent to a specialist. We do not make appointments with 10 specialists first.

Thirdly, dogs are living creatures. Which means anything could happen. You can certify both parents in all 10 areas and still produce a puppy with a problem. What about cancer? kidney failure? Liver disorder? Just to name a few...There are many problems that could arise that are not predictable/preventable. I would never breed an unhealthy dog. This is why I am convinced it is better to have them checked for everything humanly possible instead of certified in a few areas. I think we also have to use some common sense. It's funny that we have children and as parents we do not go through all of this testing before we get pregnant.

Fourthly, the expense of having each dog certified in 10 different areas would be astronomical. The puppies would have to be sold at approximately $3000.00 each just to cover the costs of the tests. No adopter would be willing to pay that especially since it still does not guarantee that the puppy would never have a problem.

I can promise you I am a very honest caring breeder. I love my dogs with all my heart and take excellent care of them. All of my adults are health certified each year. My puppies get health certified before they leave me. You get a full 2 year warranty with your new puppy. If you have any other questions concerning my Havanese please feel free to call or email.


God Bless!