Note: I believe ethical breeders will readily make available to you their references. I decided to do a testimonial page as my reference page. These are the actual emails/pictures that were sent to me. I have also included their email addresses in case you would like to ask them more questions. (Any breeder can create a testimonial page but the only way to be sure the statements are factual is if they have also included the author's contact information.)


Today is Izzy’s third birthday. I wanted you to see how beautiful she has become. She is one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. A lot of that is due to your 
professional breeding. Thank you so much. 
Mary L longmarylouise7@gmail.com




Hope you are well. I came across your contact info today while sorting through the dogs papers. i wanted to send you a photo of Zeus and Zoe,
who we got from you as puppies almost 7 years ago. Best dogs in the world! Best, Shawn M. smayers@kw.com



Hi Becky,
We have had Sofi for two years now and we love her sooooo much. She is so sweet and playful. Here are some pictures of her. Thanks again for the love of our lives!! PS We moved from Clayton to Selma.
Susan P. sprochnow@yahoo.com



Hi Becky, I couldn't resist sending you this. I hope you are well and staying warm. Best, Deborah G. deborahgerhardt@gmail.com



Hi Becky, Bailey fits right in with our family. We have all fallen in love with him. He is doing great with potty training and riding. He is so funny and has such a sweet personality. He went to work with me and Caroline this afternoon and slept the whole time. Thank you so much! Ashley

Hi Becky! Hope you are doing well. Bailey goes to work with me and Caroline all of the time. He found an empty cubby yesterday and laid inside for a little break. He is so sweet. Caroline got her cast off yesterday and now we are taking her to the pool for a little therapy for her wrist. Talk to you later. Thank you!
Ashley flexbryant@yahoo.com


So sorry we haven't be able to connect. I was out all day today with Ricky, introducing him to the family :). He is an absolute doll...we are thrilled!! It certainly didn't take him long to adjust to his new home...he prances around like he's been here forever! Thanks again for our little bundle of joy! Warmest regards,

Nancy ngordan88@aol.com



Hey Becky,
I hope all is going well with you and your family! We are fine and are really busy. I had forgotten how much time it takes with a new puppy. Gio is beautiful and so much fun. Every where I go, people talk about how beautiful he is. I must say that he is a "mama's boy". He travels very well and has slept all through the night every night. He even slept all night long the first we got him(the vet said he was special). He wobbled around just like a little puppy for a day or two and then "boom", he flipped a switch and he was like a lightening bolt trying to catch him. I have never seen a little dog that can run so fast! He loves everyone he sees. He goes to the vet next Tuesday to get his last shot and he starts his puppy training at the end of this month. He is doing OK with his potty training but of course he still has accidents. My husband loves to watch him dance on his hind legs. We love him so much and thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs! I have enclosed a picture of him that was taken yesterday before his first real haircut and some taken today. It is hard to get him to be still long enough to get a good pic of him. I will send updates as he gets older. Again I say thanks, for my wonderful baby!

Hi Becky.
I am attaching pictures of Koko and his first snow storm. He is doing very well. He is a healthy 5 month old, 8 lb. puppy with lots of energy. He is finally housebroken. Just all of sudden decided he understood the whole thing. He is very attached to me, as he spends almost all his time in my office or with me at night, while Jeff is working. It's very hard on him when I have to leave for appts, or go out at night. Cries himself into a nap. I have to try not to think about that, or I would probably never leave him. He is absolutely more than we ever thought we would get in a puppy. Thanks for the care you take in breeding. He looks very much like your Demi.
Hi Becky, Koko after his bath tonight. We love him to death. Sheri



Hi Becky, I Hope you and your family are doing well.  I wanted to send this picture of Pixie so you can see how much she has grown.  She is so sweet and we love her very much.  She and Gus are big buddies and Pixie loves to do everything Gus does to get all the attention.  I'm thinking of breeding her with a black and white male.  I know it will not guarantee black and White puppies but I would like to try.  So if you know of one that would be a good match
for her, please let me know. Take care and God Bless,
Mary Fincher maryfincher@earthlink.net


Hi Becky, Sorry it's taken me so long to write.  We have been rather busy!  Kaylie is a very active little girl.  I got a clue when we picked her up from the airport.  She was at the cage door, tail wagging, and very happy to see me.  The plane ride did not seem to bother her at all and she has adjusted to our home very well.  In fact she has gotten into our routine and learned so much since we got her, it's hard to believe we've only had her two weeks. She sleeps all night without a peep, eats well, and has learned to sit and fetch.  She walks on the leash all the way to the road every morning with Curtis to get the paper.  She met her first dog friend the other day and got along very well.  She's very receptive to other people.  Curtis took her to the foot doctor with him the other day and she loved all the attention.  Rode in her car seat without fussing. She loves her kennel and goes in it on her own when she's tired.  She's there right now so I can do this!  She hasn't quite gotten the potty training, but I realized I wasn't putting her in her crate enough.  She has the run of the kitchen and it's pretty big.  Now, I'm using the crate more and setting the timer to take her out every 30 minutes or so. Here is a pic taken this past week.  Kaylie weighs 4.8 lbs. now and is a real feisty girl.  She was not a bit afraid of the big golden you see in the pic.  Our friend in the background was amazed!!!   Hope all is well.  Regards and God Bless Judy cjmcmill@gvtc.com


Hi Becky, Just wanted to send a short note thanking you for such a wonderful 'little guy' ! Chaz is a delight in every way and what a personality! Chaz came into our lives at the right moment after loosing Mickey--it was meant to be. Here are couple of pictures--he has really grown and what hair !! Thanks again for Chaz! Susan and Michael Habas Hi Becky, Thought would like to see one of the latest pictures of Chaz. He is incredible! Susan and Michael smike@yahoo.com


Hi Becky, Wilson is absolutely wonderful.  We couldn't have found a better fit for our family and his intelligence continues to amaze us.  We actually want to create a video of him doing his tricks to send you ... hopefully before the summer is out.  But to give you an idea, he knows all the basics like sit, come, stay, waiting to take a treat, waiting at the door to let us go first, etc.  But he also does tricks, including taking a nap, saying his prayers and doing the hokey pokey.  It typically takes us about a 1/2 hour to teach him something new where he can truly incorporate it into his memory.  I enjoyed a private lesson with a trainer last week who was amazed at his intelligence and suggested the girls consider going through therapy dog training with him and doing their community service work at nursing homes and hospitals.  So ... there you have it ... one smart dog.I'm also very proud of Kristen and Katrina because they are fulfilling their commitment of time and attention to caring for him.  It wasn't just one of those deals where a kid begs for a dog and then doesn't pull their weight.  :) God bless you as well!  Michele hamiltonlane@mindspring.com


Hi Becky, Miss Schoodie turned one year old last Sunday.  She had a special cookie to celebrate. She continues to be a: joy, imp, gymnast, lover pup.  Has been fully house trained for some time.  Loves other dogs, loves all people.  Still gnawing on things...we think she may be at the tail end of teething. One of her favorite resting places is the back of the love seat in my office.  She perches up there and watches me work at the computer.  Then she drapes herself and falls asleep.  Recent pic attached. Merry Christmas to you and all the Holleman residents at Cobb Road! Mike (and Marty) mikemarty.power@gmail.com

*Side note* I sold two brothers to two wonderful ladies in the same city/state,
so they got the boys together for a meeting. They did not know each other prior to this.
I thought this was just precious!

Hi Becky, I have been meaning to write to you. Well the two boys met last Sunday (Thanksgiving weekend) at my home. Susan came with KK her daughter and Poncho. Mikey’s Uncle Tommy and his wife, Suzie, were here too. Everyone had a great time and buffet dinner. Poncho is adorable. I wish we had him too. The boys did not recognize each other we would say, but did get along. After a few hours they started chasing each other. Poncho was eating and drinking from Mikey’s dishes, and Mikey did not like that, but didn’t fight about it. Mikey has a great disposition and we love him so much. We thought of you on Sunday and Susan and I  both are so glad that we found you on the internet! Lots of happiness and great joy during this Christmas Season to you and yours, and have a very Happy New Year too! Best regards, Barbara, Mike and Mikey barbara.markus@verizon.net

Becky, Isabelle is doing great!!  She is so sweet and a lot of fun and personality.  The kids adore her as well.  She has gotten along great with our other dog, and they play together so much!  Last night I just sat and watched them play tug of war with a sock.  They were so funny.  She is already fetching a ball for a treat.  She looks for that treat as soon as she drops that ball. Isabelle goes back to the vet Friday to get her Rabies shot.  She finished up the rest of her shots a couple of weeks ago, but since she is so small our vet recommended splitting up the Rabies shot from the rest.  She was up to 4 lbs a couple of weeks ago, so she is growing fast!  She is wonderful in her crate at night,  we never even hear her.  I get up early to take her out, and I always stay up late at night--and she does fine all night.  We are heading to a friend's cabin tomorrow in the mountains and taking Isabelle with us.  She is easy to care for, and certainly a loved member of the family! Thank you for breeding great dogs, and caring about them.  I will upload a recent pic of Isabelle and send it to you. God bless!
Tracie jblkbrn@embarqmail.com
Dear Becky, Just wanted to give you an update on Isabelle!  She is so much fun.  She is so smart, can fetch a ball already and is eager to learn new tricks!  She was super easy to adjust to sleeping in a crate at night.  She really only cried the first night, which is to be expected.  It is so hard to believe she has only been with us for 3 months.  Thank you so much for the time you put into breeding your dogs, as it really shows.  Both our veterinarian and our groomer have commented on what a wonderful dog she really is.  Our groomer used to be a judge for toy dogs in dog shows, so a compliment from her is really special.  Today while grooming Isabelle she remarked that she is just a superior quality dog!  Her coat is beautiful!  I am so thankful that you breed such wonderful dogs and allow them to be placed as pets. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! Oh, and feel free to use any of this email, as well as Isabelle's pictures on your testimonial page. Blessings, Tracie


Having decided to purchase a pair of Havanese puppies, I was getting very discouraged with the breeders out there, spending hours on the computer searching for that right breeder,  then I found Harlequin Havanese. Becky has treated me with the kindnest and respect that a GREAT BREEDER does, you don't have to be a Large Kennel to be a Good Breeder. MY PUPPIES WERE IN GREAT HEALTH AND VERY SOCIAL, ALL SIGNS OF AN EXCELLENT BREEDER.   Everyone who mets Breton and Indie just fall in love with them, you can't help it.. I would and will refer anyone looking for a Havanese puppy to Becky. Hats off  to you Becky you are doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work.
Linda Kennedy Colborne, Ontario Canada linda.kennedy@sympatico.ca

Becky, Here are Bogey pictures.  He is a great little dog and we love hm to death.  Very spoiled.  We do what he tells us to do.  Andy and Nona nandrews1@suddenlink.net




Becky, We had never seen a Havanese until our Bonnie came to live with us, but she fulfills all the neat things we’d read.  She is comical, super affectionate, keeps us laughing and is such a good girl (most of the time).  My plan is to take her through obedience classes and get her approved for being a visiting dog to senior homes, etc.  I know she will bring joy to all who see her. Best Pat bobpatwilson@juno.com


Dear Becky, Oh My goodness!!!  I just love my new puppy!!!!!!  He is so cute and sweet.  And my kids are just nuts about him.  We named him Marco and oh what a gem!  Thank you so very much.  My mom met him and just went crazy.  She keeps saying she wants him.  I made a vet appointment for him on Monday so he should be okay until then.  As soon as I take some digital photos of him I will send you one. How is Heather and her new puppies?  Talk to you soon and a million thanks (again). Here is a picture of Marco.  He is just so adorable!  I took him to the vet Monday and he is perfect!!  He really seems to like his new home.  Everyone who sees him just goes nuts and they all say how cute he is and that they want him.  I am already thinking of getting another one, but I would like a female.  So probably next year you will hear from me about buying another. Thank you so much Becky for all your help and guidance.  I will send you updated info and pics on Marco as he grows. Talk to you soon. Teresa t.flanagan@earthlink.net

Hi Becky!  Callie is doing great!  She is growing so fast and she is absolutely adorable.  She is doing very well with potty training, she asks to go outside by going to the back door and we are teaching her to ring a bell to let us know she has to go out.  She still doesn't like to go potty outside when it is rainy or wet (which I don't blame her) but we haven't had too many of those days yet.  She is super smart - she knows how to sit on command and we are working on some more tricks. We hope to get her into a puppy class starting next month.  She loves to go on walks around the neighborhood and play with my parents dog.  She is a bundle of energy and a bundle of joy and we love her very much!
God Bless, Ashley ashmegbowman@gmail.com

Hi Becky!
I just wanted to let you know how well Laci is doing! She is doing so well here! You did a wonderful job preparing her for our home! We gave her a bath yesterday morning & took her over the our daughter's physical therapy session!!! Everyone just loved her! We already have 2 people on a waiting list for her puppies! Thank you for the time and effort you put into your puppies! We just can't get over how well she has adjusted, it's like she has always been with us! We are looking forward to working with you again the future! Thank you! Bonnie, NY gotmusic@localnet.com


Dear Becky- you cannot imagine how happy we are with Taylor (we now call her Alba, after the daughter in “The Time Travelers Wife” ) ! She is so much more than we expected! She is becoming very comfortable here, and gets along well with our Lab and my older daughter's Yorkie. We spend hours watching them play – it is so cute! My husband, who was the most ambivalent about getting another dog , is so in love with her! I have enclosed pictures of Alba with myself, Ellen and the Christmas tree. More will follow. Thanks for the email. A Blessed Christmas to you and your family.

Lori itz-gormley@comcast.net


Hi Becky, Just a quick update on Jake, as you can see from the photos he is a real clown, my favorite is the post it flag picture.  I was cleaning my daughter's room and he was "helping".  He always gives me that innocent look when he's been into something, especially after he has harrassed the cat.  He is so much fun, we've also discovered he is a sock thief.  I found a small pile of mismatched socks tucked away in his crate.  He is a constant source of entertainment!  Thanks again. Mary mjj5271961@yahoo.com